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This is what our patient Kimberly Randall (name changed for privacy) remembered: I noted some soreness in the back of my mouth on the right side one late night. I fell asleep after taking an Advil, but woke up in the middle of the night due to bad pain. Never had I experienced anything like it. The pain was sharp and dull at the same time, shooting in the ear. And I could not open my mouth wide. In the morning I called Aesthetic Dental Center of Morris County, and was prescribed antibiotics. An appointment was scheduled with their oral surgeon Dr. Wong-Sang Lee. I felt a little better under the meds they gave me, and everyone at the office made me feel comfortable. Dr. Wong-Sang Lee was wonderful. Very light hands. With anesthesia provided I did not feel pain. He took out two wisdom teeth on the right side, both upper and lower, at one appointment. The healing process went well since I followed the instructions provided to me. All in all - great experience. I am thinking of going for the left side before it hurts me.

Adults typically will have developed their third group of molars by the time they reach the age of 21 years old. These teeth are usually known as wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are located in the very back of the jaws on each side.

Modern humans do not really need wisdom teeth as our ancestors did. Earlier human beings consumed a diet heavier in foods like nuts, roots and tough meats. The modern diet of humans contains food that is softened by cooking and crushed by utensils.

Wisdom teeth do not necessarily need to be extracted if they are:

Completely healthy

Fully erupted

Correctly positioned with a proper bite

Cleanable as part of ongoing oral hygiene

Why are wisdom teeth extracted?

In many cases, there is not sufficient room for wisdom teeth to grow properly, leading to problems. They can compromise neighbouring teeth or the fine results of orthodontic treatment. They can come in at a difficult angle in the jaw, even horizontally at times.

Wisdom teeth sometimes are completely concealed in the gums. If they cannot emerge normally, they are then trapped, or impacted, in the jaw. This can lead to an infection or the development of a cyst. A cyst can go on to damage the roots of your other teeth or their needed bone support.

Some problems caused by wisdom teeth are:

Crooked or crowded teeth

Wisdom teeth emerging sideways

Tooth decay and jaw pain

Development of cysts

Time for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Teenagers should consider having their wisdom teeth evaluated for extraction. When you have your wisdom teeth removed early, you often heal more quickly following surgery because your bones and roots are more resilient and less fragile. It may be recommended that you have your wisdom teeth removed before you even have any problems associated with them.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Extraction

If you are having problems with your wisdom teeth due to impaction, we may advise you to have them taken out. This type of surgery is performed in our office by our oral surgeon specialist Dr. Won-Sang Lee. He uses local anesthesia for teeth extractions. Optional nitrous oxide (laughing gas) can be administered as well for anxious patients. Before the wisdom tooth extraction we would normally take a special digital X-ray called panoramic X-ray, which shows the position of the wisdom teeth in your jaw, and relation to the other anatomical structures.

Extraction Recovery

Typically, patients are able to resume normal activities in only a few days after their surgery. It may take as long as a couple of weeks for complete healing. For about one week, you should stick to eating soft foods.

Please follow your post-operative instructions provided to you after the procedure, in order to minimize a chance of a complication to occur, and do not hesitate to contact us if you suspect any deviation from the normal healing process. 

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A professional experience all around, A beautiful and friendly staff from the ladies in front to the Dentists and assistant’s doing the work. I was made to feel plenty comfortable and safe . Safety is clearly very important to them. And their dental work is outstanding.

- Gerry Fancera

I am terrified of the dentist. My experience with the office staff and dentist was wonderful. Dr. Vladimir took his time explaining procedures and helped me to make the best decision regarding my dental plan. The office is beautiful and very clean. Very impressed.

- Samantha M

Blown away by my experience at this establishment. Dr. Lee seamlessly extracted two wisdom teeth and felt no pain. The whole staff was beyond cordial and communicative. Looking forward to continuing my care here.

- Erik Moran

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