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Pediatric dentistry is not that much different from general dentistry in the actual treatments and procedures performed. Naturally, since children are involved, care must be taken to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible in such an unusual environment. At Aesthetic Dental Center of Morris County, our staff is trained to help children feel at ease. We want them to have good memories of their experience so that they make regular dental visits a routine that lasts throughout their lives.

Some parents mistakenly believe that baby teeth can be neglected since they will be replaced eventually by the adult teeth. There are several reasons why this is not true. One of them is that baby teeth serve as placeholders for eventual adult teeth. If something is amiss, the adult teeth may not emerge correctly, leading to problems with the teeth or bite.

Here are some pediatric dental treatments and procedures that your child may undergo at some point. We want you to understand what to expect so that you and your child are completely comfortable with each step of the treatment process.

Dental Cleaning

Tooth decay is a common problem, even with young children. However, it is largely preventable when you clean your child's teeth at home and eventually show them how to do so on their own. It is also very important to have your child's teeth cleaned professionally at regular intervals.

Bacteria found in the mouth can multiply and attach to the teeth with a film called plaque. Over time, plaque hardens into tartar that can only be removed with professional care. Bacteria can secrete an acid that eats away at the enamel of your child's teeth. Eventually, this can lead to a cavity that requires a dental filling. Having your child undergo regular dental cleanings goes a long way in preventing tooth decay and the need for more involved dental work.

Prevention of Tooth Decay

Preventing tooth decay in children is very important to us. The best way to keep your child’s teeth decay free is to make sure that your child undergoes regular dental cleanings and practices proper oral hygiene at home.

This takes us to our next item: an increasingly common treatment that many parents are having performed for their young children to help prevent tooth decay in a majority of cases.

Dental Sealants

A dental sealant is a thin coating that we apply to a child's back teeth to prevent tooth decay. This clear resin liquid is applied using a small brush and cured using a special light to help form a hard layer of protection, preventing bacteria from attacking the tooth. Dental sealants significantly reduce your child's risk of developing cavities, according to the American Dental Association. There really are no downsides to dental sealants. They can wear away and require replacement or repair, but this takes time. They will eventually wear out over time. But they will do their job while they last.

Applying Dental Sealants

The application of dental sealants is fast and painless. After you and your child arrive for the appointment, they will be seated in a chair. No drilling or anesthetics are needed to apply dental sealants.

First, the treated teeth will be cleaned thoroughly, dried and isolated from saliva with a small amount of cotton. Next, we apply a special solution onto the tooth to disinfect and prepare it for improved sealant adherence. Then we will rinse away the solution and dry the tooth. Next, we paint the sealant onto the tooth, covering it. Finally, we use a special LED light to cure the sealant, which will harden and bond to the surface of the tooth.

Schedule Your Child's Appointment

Have you been putting off scheduling your child's dental appointment? It is critically important that young children maintain regular dental checkups to protect against tooth decay that can lead to expensive and painful procedures down the road.

Please contact Aesthetic Dental Center of Morris County today to schedule a dental appointment for your child.

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A professional experience all around, A beautiful and friendly staff from the ladies in front to the Dentists and assistant’s doing the work. I was made to feel plenty comfortable and safe . Safety is clearly very important to them. And their dental work is outstanding.

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I am terrified of the dentist. My experience with the office staff and dentist was wonderful. Dr. Vladimir took his time explaining procedures and helped me to make the best decision regarding my dental plan. The office is beautiful and very clean. Very impressed.

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Blown away by my experience at this establishment. Dr. Lee seamlessly extracted two wisdom teeth and felt no pain. The whole staff was beyond cordial and communicative. Looking forward to continuing my care here.

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