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Benefits of Dental Implants from Aesthetic Dental Center of Morris County

Are you self-conscious or embarrassed about missing teeth? The field of dentistry has seen incredible advances in recent years, with new procedures and technologies constantly developed to help patients improve their oral health and smiles better than ever before. Dental implants are now the gold standard for tooth replacement. We put together this guide to assist you in learning about them and what they can do for your teeth and smile.

Although other teeth replacement options like dental bridges are still available, it is probably a good idea to have a consultation about a dental implant option. During this consultation, our oral surgeon Dr. Wong-Sang Lee will discuss with you the possibility, time frame, staging, other treatment options, and will come up with an individualized treatment plan. Cost will be addressed by our administrative personnel. 

Let's take a look at some of the benefits of receiving dental implants.

Improve Your Appearance

One of the main benefits of receiving a dental implant is that it helps to preserve bone that would otherwise melt away without a replacement tooth in the jawbone. Implants also help to prevent facial structure deterioration that can occur with one or more missing teeth. The face begins to cave in upon itself, and supporting structures also dramatically weaken without a tooth present. Your new implant will prevent bone loss so that no unpleasant changes take place with your face or mouth area. 

Immediate Results

At Aesthetic Dental Center of Morris County, we can replace your missing teeth with durable dental implant restorations. We can provide you with a long-term solution for missing teeth, so that you enjoy dramatic enhancements not only in your ability to chew, but your overall comfort of your teeth. Your improved smile will be the testament of our skills, like the smiles of many happy patients before you. Bear in mind that each situation is different, so we can offer you a more detailed treatment plan during your consultation. At Aesthetic Dental Center of Morris County we pride ourselves by helping many happy patients with successfully placing and restoring dental implants.

Keep Surrounding Teeth Healthy

If you are receiving a dental bridge, we normally need to grind down some of the surrounding teeth so that room is available for bridge attachment. Partial dentures are placed in such a way that the resulting pressure can affect gum tissue and damage it.

Receiving a dental implant does not involve surrounding teeth at all, so your teeth will not be damaged or compromised in any way. Dental implants are a tooth replacement solution that allows you to retain surrounding natural teeth.

Other Issues

Another problem with leaving missing teeth untreated is that teeth on either side of the gap can begin migrating into this empty space. This can lead to compromised bite and aesthetic issues. By getting a dental implant, you are "taking up the slack" and preventing a missing space that can have a negative impact on your teeth and smile.

Dental Implant Process

The process of receiving dental implants is fairly basic, consisting of two stages: surgical and restorative. At the first stage, our oral surgeon Dr. Wong-Sang Lee will place a titanium dental implant into your jawbone. Over the following several months, your jawbone will naturally begin fusing to this post. Once this has occurred, we come in and attach a dental crown onto an abutment that is attached to the titanium dental implant - the restorative stage.

Titanium makes the best choice for a dental implant because it is, when combined with other metals, a strong metal that is non-reactive to bone and tissue yet attaches to the jawbone in the process called osseointegration due to it’s biocompatible coating. Placed correctly and cared for properly, your dental implant should serve you for many years to come.

Since your new dental implant serves as a replacement for a tooth, caring for it is no different from how you care for your natural teeth. Regular oral hygiene like brushing and flossing, as well as maintaining your regular dental checkups and professional dental cleanings, should allow you to enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile for years to come.

Schedule Your Consultation

Are you ready to see for yourself how dental implants can improve your oral health and smile? We invite you to contact the office of Aesthetic Dental Center of Morris County today to schedule your initial consultation and take your smile to the next level with dental implants.

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