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Teeth Bleaching Treatment at Aesthetic Dental Center of Morris County

So your teeth have become discolored and you want to get that bright white smile back. Not a problem. You have a number of treatment choices available to you, but not every option is created equal. You can choose to treat yourself at home with an over-the-counter product, or undergo a professional teeth bleaching treatment. Either way, you will need some solid information to guide your choice.

Why whiten your teeth?

If your teeth are dull, stained or yellowed, you may want to conceal your smile. Having an attractive smile helps you become more confident and go about your life in a more comfortable way. It is not uncommon to have some tooth discoloration due to years of contact with coffee, tea or red wine. Smokers also commonly develop stained teeth.

Teeth bleaching involves the application of a solution containing a type of bleach onto the teeth. This helps to remove organic particles that have stained the teeth.

At-Home Whitening Kits

Home whitening kits provide peroxide cleaners that bleach the tooth enamel. They normally come in the form of a gel that is put into a tray to fit onto your teeth. There are also whitening strips available that stick to your teeth.

You can purchase these products online or at your local pharmacy. They are normally available in various strengths, which is the main factor impacting the price of the kit. They typically utilize a bleaching gel similar to that used by dentists; however, the main difference is that you will be doing all of the work and molding the needed mouth trays, and a dentist will not be available to monitor the procedure. The bleach will not be of the same strength and the home made trays do not create an exact mold to your teeth. This allows for areas to be missed by bleach and uneven bleaching can occur. 

Dentist Office Bleaching

The most common type of professional teeth whitening involves the use of custom-made trays containing a bleaching gel that fits onto your teeth. A stronger gel can be used than what is available in home kits that you can buy over the counter. The process works extremely quickly, and you should be able to enjoy dramatically whiter teeth right after you are treated at the dentist office.

However state of the art teeth bleaching technique used in a dental office is with a professional in-office whitening system that contains a whitening kit and a powerful lamp. We use a patented Zoom professional whitening system. After careful isolation of your teeth, we would apply the whitening gel and use the lamp to activate it. It takes three to four 15 minute sessions for the process to achieve an awesome aesthetic result.

Is bleaching bad for my teeth?

Some teeth bleaching treatments are not without side effects. There is a chance that your gums will grow sensitive to bleaching chemicals. If your teeth were already sensitive, the odds increase. The gums can also be accidentally bleached through improper application of bleaching gels, and a number of home whitening kits can lead to enamel damage when improperly applied. This is why professional teeth whitening treatment is recommended. They can also provide faster results that last much longer than over the counter kits.

After Your Teeth Whitening Treatment

Now that you have whitened your teeth, you will want to ensure that your results last as long as possible. Take care to avoid consuming dark-colored liquids, including coffee, tea and red wine. Drinks like tomato juice and soda also make the list. Anything that can stain a white t-shirt can also stain your teeth. Acidic beverages are also a no-no. And dark-colored sodas are particularly bad because they are both dark and acidic.

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